Wateridge Village Commercial Core Petition August 2020

Please sign the Wateridge Village Commercial Core Petition to ensure the centerpiece of our neighbourhood is built!

Dear Neighbour,

Did you move into this neighbourhood looking forward to walking to the commercial centre with shops and amenities? (e.g. a coffee shop, local grocery store and other conveniences)

Four to six land parcels in Wateridge Village are planned for the commercial core. The first of these land parcels is in the planning application stage at the City of Ottawa. The commercial space proposed by the developer is only a very small fraction of what could be built and what was originally in the community plan. This amount of space is not enough to start a viable commercial core in our neighbourhood!

The Wateridge Village Planning Committee has raised this issue through the planning process. However, we need to act now to influence development decisions on the first application to ensure the following decisions on the remaining land parcels have sufficient commercial space for the residents of Wateridge.

We need to raise this issue with our local politicians so action can be taken to avoid downsizing the amount of commercial space that is built.

Your name on this petition is needed to help ensure the planned commercial core gets built.

This petition has now ended.

If you would like more information or have questions please contact planning@wateridgeassociation.ca.