Planning & Development Updates October 2019

The Wateridge Village Community Association (WVCA) Planning and Development Committee met with various stakeholders, Canada Lands Corporation (CLC), National Research Centre (NRC), Mattamy Planner, Environment Assessment Transportation Group and Rideau-Rockcliffe Rawlson Ward Councillor Rawlson King since our last update.

Here are the highlights of these meetings:

1.  CLC confirms that they plan to open Hemlock in 2021-2022.

2. Phase 1 is well underway to be completed before Nov 15th 2019: still some dead trees to be replaced, removal of old snow fences, removal/relocation of boulders at the top of the pathway off Avro Circle towards Lang’s Road to allow for winter maintenance of the pathway.

3. A tender call has been issued for the development of a residential parcel on Hemlock Road and one employment area in the eastern portion of the site.

4. 681 Mikinak Road plans have been submitted- that is the property at the corner of Codd’s Road and Mikinak Road. This property will offer 4 buildings with some ground floor Commercial on the Hemlock Road side. The Planning & Development Committee has provided a comment to Mattamy and CLC suggesting various changes to this plan to improve both commercial aspects on Hemlock Road and provide for better landscaping, parking, traffic flow within the inner courtyard of these blocks.

5. The NRC is open to having a bus only corridor access through their site on the east side to connect Wateridge to Blair if needed during their business hours. They are also receptive to having bike/pedestrian pathways through their site to provide connectivity between Rothwell Heights and Wateridge pathways, and so they can link to other pathways of the area to the north, west and south (connection to the LRT potentially).

6. Council has approved 250 affordable housing units for Wateridge, to be located on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) site, facing the Park #2 next to Veterans House.

7. The Wanaki/Burma and Montreal Road intersection has been delayed a bit but should be completed by July 2020.

8. There have been many discussions with our Councillor and CLC to divert construction truck traffic for the Phase 1B to Wanaki Road rather than Codd’s Road as that will be the shortest route. This should alleviate traffic on Codd’s Road and hopefully protect the final asphalt coat which is not meant to endure continuous construction-type traffic. This will ease car traffic and make it safer.

9. Park #2 on Codd’s Road and Mikinak Road will see construction start in 2021. To do this a high fence will be erected before the winter. CLC also plans to erect publicity boards

10. The French Public School Board has bought and exercised their option for their land at the east end of Wateridge. Timing on its construction and details will follow as we find out more.

11. A Habitat for Humanity project to be built along Wanaki Road is currently looking for families who wish to live in Wateridge. The call for volunteers to help build the project will follow next year.

Posted on behalf of Lysanne Brault, Lead, Planning & Development Committee for the Wateridge Village Community Association.

The Planning & Development Committee is a dedicated group of Wateridge volunteers who meet regularly on issues related to the ongoing planning and development of our neighbourhood. For questions, concerns, or to volunteer please write contact the Planning & Development Committe by email.