Planning & Development Updates November 2019

The Wateridge Village Community Association (WVCA) Planning and Development Committee continues to work with the various stakeholders involved in the development of Wateridge Village. This update is the most recent communication received from Canada Lands Corporation (CLC).

Codd’s Multi Use Path (MUP)

  • The contractor has completed the saw-cutting of the asphalt pathway western edge in preparation for the installation of pavers by the end of November.
  • Landscaping work on the MUP’s Boulevard will be completed in the spring of 2020 due to weather and the landscaper’s inability to complete the work with the required warranty.

Top Lift Paving

  • Tomlinson was onsite paving top course as of the week of October 28 and is currently 70% complete (completed areas: Lysander Place, Chene Way, Mikinak [intermediate lift from Codd’s intersection to Vedette way] and two-thirds of Avro Circle). There is a stall in the completion of this work due to the weather. We expect this work to be completed by end of November weather permitting.

Block 114 & 115 Pathways

  • Tomlinson is currently onsite paving the top course and we expect these pathways to be completed after the top course is finished. Weather permitting, this should be completed by the end of November.

Mikinak’s MUP

  • ·This work is to begin after locates are in. Unfortunately, there is a city-wide backlog for the issuance of locates. The MUP cannot be installed without the locates. Tomlinson is hoping to have the locates in the next week or two.  This work is weather-dependent. Should Tomlinson determine that the temperatures are not favourable to apply asphalt, this work could be moved to the spring of 2020.

Burma SWM Pond

  • Recreational pathway loop and pathway at the western end of the pond have been regraded and asphalted.
  • Landscape work in the area will be completed by the spring of 2020. The weather is not suitable for planting.

681 Mikinak

  • I can assure you that CLC’s vision of a live, work, play community has not changed.  We are working with Mattamy to ensure they are in line with this vision.
  • The red blocks east of Codd’s Road, (blocks 31,32, 33, 35, 36 and 37) form the commercial core for Wateridge Village.

Sale of  2B Block and 1B Employment Lands

  • The intent is to have sold the lands by the end of the fiscal year – March 31, 2020.


  • At this point in time, there will be no billboards erected as we are undertaking an overall branding and marketing strategy for Wateridge Village and will consider billboards in that context.   We will be putting a fence up along Codd’s and around the corner on Mikinak in order to protect the park area.  There will be marketing banners hung along the fencing.

Posted on behalf of Lysanne Brault, Lead, Planning & Development Committee for the Wateridge Village Community Association.

The Planning & Development Committee is a dedicated group of Wateridge volunteers who meet regularly on issues related to the ongoing planning and development of our neighbourhood. For questions, concerns, or to volunteer please write to contact the Planning & Development Committee by email.