Planning & Development Updates June 2020

High Speed Traffic on Codd’s Road

Status Update

Vehicles speeding down Codd’s Road continues to be a concern to residents, as the speed limit on Codd’s Road entering Wateridge and throughout the community is 40km/h.

The Planning Committee has raised vehicle speeding concerns on Codd’s road to the City of Ottawa and the Canada Lands Corporation (CLC).
In response, the CLC will remind builders to ask contractors to use the alternate entrance into the construction site. The Planning Committee is continuing to find ways to address this issue with the City of Ottawa and Councillor King.

What Residents Can Do

  • Set a good example by obeying the 40 km speed limit. 
  • Call 311 and report speeding vehicles to build the case the Community Organization has already started with the City for speed enforcement measures. 
  • You can also make a traffic complaint to the Ottawa Police online here, or file an online report with the Ottawa Police here.
  • Residents can also request lawn signs to remind drivers to slow down, if you would like one email the Wateridge Village Planning Committe. Please include your name and address. The Planning Committee will order signs from Councillor Rawlson King’s office. 

Planning and Development News

  • Construction, lot purchase, and approvals for new projects in Wateridge continue at a fast pace despite Covid-19.
  • Within the Wateridge Village Community Association (WVCA), the Planning & Development Committee tracks and comments on new development in collaboration with developers, City planners, our Councilor and Canada Lands Corporation (CLC). We’re always looking for new members, and would especially welcome residents East of Codd’s Road to better represent the full community. Send us an email if you can help.

Construction Updates

  • Uniform has bought 5 blocks north of Mikinak Road and east of Codd’s Road to be developed with a mix of single family homes, semi-detached, and townhouses.
  • Mattamy has submitted a new version of their 4 building mixed residential and commercial development adjacent to Alliance Park. P& has concerns that the amount of ground floor retail space is much less than shown in their approved plan. We continue to advocate for a complete community that includes basic retail needs within a walkable distance.
  • Eugene Martineau Park (the big park east of Codd’s Road) will start construction in July for completion next summer!
  • The opening of Hemlock Road for local traffic westwards to St. Laurent is on track to start construction June 2021.
  • A bus stop will be created near the Mattamy and Uniform Developments east of Codd’s Road as soon as landscaping is completed. Squadron Court should be paved later this month.
  • CLC has begun cleanup or garbage and leftover construction materials around the neighbourhood.