Planning & Development Updates, July 2019

Brought to you by the Planning & Development Committee of the Wateridge Village Community Association

Mattamy: Block 15-245 Squadron

Mattamy has recently submitted a revised proposal for the development of Block 15 / Squadron Rd. Unfortunately, the revision does not take into account feedback provided by the WVCA Planning & Development Committee to reduce the number of units. The proposal does include efforts to increase landscaped pathways and to correct a laneway that misaligns with the laneway of the nearby Uniform units. The Planning & Development Committee still has concerns regarding the actual landscaped area vs what is labeled on the plan and will be reviewing this submission shortly and providing feedback.

Background: Mattamy’s original proposal, submitted in 2018, was revised last winter and included significant modifications. The Planning & Development Committee and the City provided feedback last winter and a new submission was presented to the WVCA on June 26th. Shortly thereafter, Mattamy submitted their revised proposal to the City but it did not include several of the recommendations that had been made.

Other Updates

  • 245 Squadron is already mostly pre-sold based on the proposed plan: 75% sold as per our last visit to the sales centre.
  • Mattamy is also planning the commercial development at 775 Mikinak and has indicated being open to discussing their plan with the Planning & Development Committee ahead of submission to the City.
  • The Planning & Development Committee has aksed Mattamy to consider ways for the WVCA to be introduced to new Mattamy buyers before they receive their keys. A draft flyer was submitted to Mattamy for consideration

Planning & Development Communications

The Planning & Development Committee is exploring ways to efficiently invite the input of Wateridge Village Residents on the proposals being submitted by builders and other punctual activities.

Councillor Rawlson

The Planning & Development Committee met with Councillor Rawlson on May 15. Together we walked and drove around Wateridge Village to get our Councillor acquainted with the site and the issues. Extra parking in Park #2 (up to 15 spaces) will be proposed by Canda Lands Corporation (CLC) but remains to be approved by the City Planning department. Timing: start construction of Park #2 in 2020 to be completed in 2021. CLC plans to install a high construction fence around the park while it is being built.

Canada Lands Corporation update: Meeting July 5

A meeting between CLC, Rawlson King and staff, and the Planning & Development Committee took place on July 5. These are the most important updates:

  • MUP- meeting with Owners on Codd’s July 17. Schedule: CLC confirmed start construction of MUP on Codd’s around mid-August 2019.
  • CLC somewhat more responsive to potholes repair requests. June 24th email request was met within the week.
  • CLC refers us to the City now and later for calming traffic at Codd’s. City has agreed to install a “No stopping sign” will be installed towards the top of Codd’s. Timeline unknown. No Stopping sign means no one can stop or park.
  • Issue remains for amount of traffic using Codd’s: another accident at top of Codd’s July 15th involving bus, car, etc (2 in 3 weeks at the intersection of Montreal Rd). The Planning & Development Committee will continue to monitor this question once Wanaki opens in the fall.
  • The Planning & Development Committee made suggestions to CLC and requested the timeline for opening Hemlock be reviewed by CLC. CLC has agreed to give this a serious look and will get back to the committee before or at the latest in October 2019. CLC and the Planning & Development Committee will now have quarterly meetings to ensure better communication and collaboration.
  • Phase 1 clean up, Engineered Rip Rap/grounds seeding & improvement of the creek at Avro, curbs and tree planting to be completed summer and fall 2019. Dumping around Phase 1 being looked at with the aim to clean up and monitor future dumping surroundings as much as possible- same for other phases.

CLC Events at Wateridge

CLC would like to work with the WVCA on regular events at Wateridge Village. The WVCA Event Committee will be in contact with the residents regarding these and other WVCA activities.