Planning & Development Updates August 2019

Update dated August 16th 2019 from the WVCA Planning and Development Committee.

We are pleased to be able to provide Wateridge residents with a series of updates from Canada Lands Corporation’s Vice President for the Ottawa Region:

1. Construction Traffic Along Codds. We have reached out to the builders to remind them that Codds isn’t the access route for construction traffic and I hope you have found an improvement in this regard.

2. Completion of Curbs/Sidewalks in Phase 1A. Ottawa Greenbelt is continuing the work to complete the curbs and sidewalks in Phase 1A and is expected to be completed by the end of September.

3. Top Coat of Asphalt on Codd’s Road. We expect this work to be completed by the beginning of November 2019.  Work will begin following the completion of the curbs in Phase 1A.

4. MUP. Ottawa Greenbelt will be commencing work on the MUP the week of August 26th and is expected to be completed by end of September 2019. You will note that the red pavers that Ottawa Greenbelt will be installing are as per City standards and will therefore not be the same as the grey toned pavers installed by Tartan.

5. RIP RAP & Shoreline Clean-Up.  Davis Landscaping started work this week. This work will be completed by the end of September.  Landscaping replacements in and around the enhanced swale on Avro Circle will occur late September and into early October.

6. The 4 Stop at Codd’s &  Mikinak. The Councillor asked that we provide proof that the traffic counts at the intersection will meet the traffic warrants in the future.  We will send a short letter to the Councillor pointing him to the recommendations in the Community Transportation Study prepared by CLC and approved by the City in 2015.  This report shows that the intersection will meet the traffic warrants for a four-way stop. We will work with City Staff to solidify the transportation recommendations from the 2015 study. 

7. Hemlock Road. We are in the middle of our annual planning process and as I committed to at the meeting we are exploring ways in which could open Hemlock Road sooner.  This work will continue well into September and I will provide you with an update once our process is complete.

8. Wanaki/Burma/Bathgate. We are finalizing getting the contractor on board and expect the work to commence the week of 3 September 2019 with respect to construction of the intersection. 

9. General Clean-Up & Opening of Hemlock Rd to Pedestrian and Cyclists

  •  As mentioned, CLC has a contract in place for weekly sweeping of the road and sidewalks.  Other clean up is ongoing.  
  • We are also following up with builders and contractors/consultants to make sure they are tidying up their areas.
  • We expect work (graded/topsoil/hydroseed) on the open area at the north of the end of du Chêne Way to commence the week of 19 August providing access to walkers/bikers to Hemlock Road area.  
  • We will also be tidying up and opening  the entrance to Hemlock Road for pedestrians and cyclists.  This work is expected to commence the week of 26 August 2019.
  • Replacement of the dead trees by the pond, by the trail to Lang’s Road and at the back of the lots on Avro Circle were delayed due to the hot weather this summer. M Davis has scheduled the replacement planting late September and into early October. This timing will improve the survivability of the replacement trees.

10. Construction of Park #2.   As previously mentioned, Park #2 will be constructed spring/summer 2020.  In the meantime, you will be seeing grading work underway the week of 3 September as well as the installation of a fence along Codds and along Mikinak to protect the park area – also expected to commence the week of 3 September 2019.

11. Mattamy’s Revised Proposal.  Unfortunately, the review of the revised proposal didn’t occur in the timeline required.  We do review to ensure aligned with our comprehensive development plan and we have instituted protocols to ensure review occurs in line with the timelines on the go-forward. 

12.Community Garden.   As mentioned in my earlier email, we support and we would be happy to work with you and the City.  Discussions with the City would need to start now in order to have this in place for the residents next year. 

13. Community Events.   CLC’s Director Corporate Communications met with WVCA Board in July and outlined our approach to hosting community events.  She has been liaising with WVCA Event Lead, Mireille and we have agreed on an “End of Summer” event on September 7 , 2019. We are excited to host.  Invitations will be sent shortly.  We will be hand-delivering along with sending electronically through our distribution list and we will also send the WVCA an electronic copy for distribution. 

14. Communications.  Our first quarterly newsletter will be sent out in last week of October.  We will then have them in January, April, and July. 

Dear Residents: I hope this answers many of your questions. If anyone is interested in participating in Community Garden, we will need volunteers to help with the development and implementation of this initiative. Please contact us by email.

Lysanne Brault

Lead, Planning and Development Committee