Petition Update October 2020

Thank you to all the Wateridge Village residents who supported the petition to save our neighbourhood’s future commercial core. We received 274 signatures, enough to demonstrate how strongly our community feels about this issue!

On September 29th we sent the letter and documents to the City of Ottawa’s planning department as well as Mattamy Homes, Canada Lands Company, Councillor Rawlson King, MPP Lucille Collard, and MP and Minister the Honourable Mona Fortier.

The Wateridge Village Community Association (WVCA)  is pleased to provide comments on the application for site plan control #D07-12-18-0086  at 681 Mikinak Road. This development application is significant because it applies to the first of the land parcels which will comprise the commercial core of this new urban enclave in Ottawa. 

Developing the first parcel in the commercial core to a high standard to ensure a viable commercial core is of utmost importance to the Community Association and its residents.

The community association has gathered  274 signatures on the attached petition from residents, demonstrating overwhelming support for the creation of a viable commercial core, and concern that the current proposal will not sufficiently further this goal.

The community organization is also keenly aware that this development affects future residents who will live in the community which will number 10,000 – 12,000 people. Developing the commercial core will contribute to the 15 minute neighbourhood concept towards a more sustainable and livable city.

The WVCA representatives on this file are taking a collaborative approach to advocating for development of the planned commercial core, including discussions with you, Mattamy Homes, Canada Lands Company, Councillor Rawlson King, MPP Lucille Collard and MP & Minister Mona Fortier.

We look forward to your response to our comments, and the opportunity to continue working with all interested parties on this important file.

In addition to the petition, the WVCA team on this file are taking a collaborative approach to advocating for development of the planned commercial core. 

This approach has included:

  • Speaking with the City of Ottawa Planner on the file
  • Meeting with Mattamy Homes officials
  • Meeting with Rawlson King the Ward 13 City Councillor
  • The president of the WVCA, is also arranging future meetings on this issue with representatives of the Canada Lands Company, MPP Lucille Collard and MP & Minister Mona Fortier.

Please note that since the petition was drafted, the applicant developer has made a slight increase in the percentage of proposed commercial space. However, the WVCA still finds the application has insufficient commercial space to meet the needs of the community.