Let’s Have a Spooktacular Halloween

There’s no denying it’s fall. The soft blanket of leaves underfoot, the smell of pumpkin spice in the air … and then there are the  scarecrows and ghosts popping up on people’s doorsteps, reminding us that Halloween is hiding just around the corner. This year the question on everyone’s mind is: how to celebrate in the midst of a global pandemic?!

To trick or treat or not to trick or treat? Ottawa Public Health has released its Halloween guidelines and they are recommending against trick or treating outdoors this year. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a spooktacular Halloween! We at the WVCA have put our thinking caps on and come up with a few alternative ways to enjoy Halloween at Wateridge Village this year. 

Door of Doom Decorating Competition

To participate, decorate your front door and post a picture of it on our Facebook Group before on Friday, October 30th between 8am and Midnight. The door that gets the most likes by midnight on Halloween (Saturday, October 31st) wins! Not on Facebook? Send your photo to info@wateridageassociation.ca and we’ll post it for you!

Virtual Costume Parade

Children! Adults! Fur babies! Don your favorite Halloween costume and take a picture to share in our virtual Hall-o-ween of Fame! Post your pictures to the Facebook Group or send them to info@wateridageassociation.ca

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Just because we can’t trick or treat doesn’t mean we can’t still go outside! Put on your costumes and prowl the neighbourhood in search of the items on this list. Older kids can see who finds everything in the shortest time! 

Starting a Wateridge Village Tradition: The Haunting of Miss Pumpkin Head 

A little known fact (and one that the developers don’t care to advertise) is that the woods around Wateridge are haunted by a mysterious being. 

Some say it wears pigtails and sings with the sweet voice of a child. Others swear it wears a crown and speaks with the hoarse cackle of an old man. But all agree that it has a huge pumpkin head and long black stockinged legs.

How the Pumpkin Head came to live here is a story for another day. But word has it that on Halloween Eve they will be haunting our houses and quietly leaving treats for our kids to find on Halloween morning. [Hint to parents: you’re the ones actually leaving the treats. And feel free to ad lib the story if you choose to tell it to your children!].

Long live Miss Pumpkin Head!