Hemlock to open in 2019 to bus, cars and bikes/pedestrians

Canada Lands Corporation (CLC) met with the WVCA in February 2019 for the first time. Jean LaChance informed us of the following: a private road on CLC land will be built for now and until phase 3 infrastructure is built. The design planned at that time was for a road  7 m wide (similar to that on Codds’ Road), mostly sitting on old existing road, and likely connecting to Vedette. It will likely be asphalt, with side fences, possibly similar to those near the sales centres on Hemlock. The road will be intended for cars, buses, pedestrian and bikes, and will be at low speed (40 km zone). They were planning for design to be in place by the end of February 2019, then going to tender after that, with a view on having the road completed for the fall.