15 Year Old Wateridge Village Resident Seeks Support for Bike Course

Hamish at the site he’d like to turn into a bike course

Forbidden Lands

If you are a resident here at Wateridge Village you probably know that we jokingly refer to the forested “off-limits” areas of our development as the “forbidden lands”. Many of us enjoy walking, running, and biking along the abandoned roads and lots of the former Rockcliffe Airbase grounds. But one young resident has a vision he would like to bring to life this summer: to turn a fallow field into a bike course.

The Wateridge Village Community Association (WVCA) received an endearing letter from Hamish, a 15 year old Wateridge Village resident. Left at loose ends by the Covid-19 restrictions, Hamish wants to use his time and energy to build a temporary bike course out of salvaged materials on a field that is currently overgrown and full of garbage and construction debris. But he’d like to build it with the support of the community.

Dear WVCA,

This summer I would like to build a bike course in the Wateridge area near the yellow circle in the image below.

I am writing this letter to ask permission to build this bike course and input or suggestions from the WVCA.

The course will be for beginners. My hope is to clean and leave the property better than I found it, and at then end of fall I will remove the course. The goal of this would be to have something to busy myself, in a productive manner. No funding would be required from the community. Where is the benefit? I would use only the discarded wood and garbage like tires in the Wateridge area to build the course. Any garbage I find and don’t use I will dispose of in the proper manner. My hope is to build something that anyone can use and enjoy, as well as clean up the neighbourhood.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.



The field Hamish would like to turn into a bike course is located here.

Voicing Your Support

The WVCA is aware that this plot of land belongs to CLC and the final decision is beyond the WVCA’s control. However, we would like to support Hamish in engaging the community. So, if you are a Wateridge resident and you’d like to help Hamish by voicing your support for his project to build a bike course please fill out this quick form! We’ll be forwarding his letter and the number of residents backing his idea to CLC. 

Please note, leaving your name is completely optional.